Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ski Pictures

That is a view of Mount Washington, as seen from the top of Bretton Woods The white line going down the mountain is the snowed-in railway. What a beautiful place - half the reason to ski is to be able to outside in such beautiful places.
This is a nice ski trail...
DS2 waiting for us to decide if we are having lunch inside that lodge, or not.

DS1, aka Darth Vader, getting off the lift.
DD and her snowboard.
Ah, this is my favorite little pass through some trees, just a nice safe little run off the trail for a few hundred yards through the woods, then back onto it. So pretty.
I'm not going to name the person who has a little sprig of pine on her binding. How do you get branches stuck in your binding? When you have a little crash :)

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