Thursday, January 5, 2012

Oh Boy!

You might think I'd be frantically creating posts to catch the blog up on the holiday preparations and celebrations but no! Not going to do it! I am going to share this picture of something I made for a newborn, born into a family near and dear to my heart, and going into the mail asap. Daigen, I hope you like these for the brief time they'll fit!
I could not resist stacking those books for the picture.

I loved using "big boy" sock yarn instead of a traditional baby boy color scheme. I have made socks for my (quite grown up) sons from this yarn; in fact I have one in progress.

How cute is that?

The yarn is Froehlich, a high quality European yarn known for durability. It comes, in fact, with a fine matching reinforcement yarn that can be knitted into the heel, or held for darning. When I heard production was going to stop on this line I scooped up several skeins and stashed them. Durability is not an issue here for Baby Daigen, of course. Further details on the knitting are on Ravelry. 

Happy New Year!


Ruth said...

I do so LOVE the photos!The addition of the books are a perfect Anna. lol It is truly a great picture.

Love ya, Ruth

storiedyarns said...

Aww, how sweet!!!

Melissa Plank said...

I love that you used big boy yarn too, very cute!

Kathryn Ray said...

very cute! I love that the little boy socks match the big boy socks. :-)

Melissa said...

Too cute. Love making baby things.

WonderWhyGal said...

I LOVE that yarn for the baby knits. I think the pastels are overdone and that "adult" pattern is beautiful in the tiny version.

AllyB said...

There is nothing cuter than baby size anything! The fact that you used regular sock yarn to make little socks is great. I love how the little socks look totally different than the big sock knit with the same yarn. And the little hat...prescious. Thank you for sharing.