Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Windy Wednesday Morning

Now this is something you just don't want to have happen when you are knitting. I saw a few twisted stitches a few inches down on this sweater and decided to drop the stitches off my needle, unravel them, and use a crochet hook to pick them back up. That's fine except that I dropped the wrong ones and instead of fixing them first and then dropping the next ones, I dropped them all at once. There was no way to put them all back neatly, so I ripped them all out down to the bottom. That pretty much undid the entire evening's worth of knitting.

Gratuitous picture of Rusty and Keefer. Kiefer? I don't know how to spell his name!

This is from last week when we were watching K-Man while. He was very good and fun to have here.

Last sewing class today and I am in a bad mood because I did not finish my blouses and they have fitting problems and therefore I can't wear either of them to class and I was up late working on them and I don't even have any buttons and I'm never sewing again.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Yesterday's New York Times had this article about Charlottesville - things to see, do, eat. I thought I'd put it here as the easiest way to share it, and it's permalinked so it will be there even when it's archived.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Knights, Ladies, weird fantasy costumes,and KINDLE

I'm meeting DD and boyfriend today at the PA Renaissance Faire. I'm looking forward to it, I love going. Not getting dressed up this year. I will buy candles and honey from the beekeepers that are there, and some wine from the Mt. Hope vineyard.

Hey, in other news, someone told me that Oprah had the inventor of the Kindle on her show, it's hew new favorite thing. In the world, I believe. Changed her life, she says. I get it because I LOVE mine. She gave one to each of her guests, as well as $50 off a Kindle to anyone who wants to order one by November 1. I am putting this up as a public service announcement because you should buy the readers on your list one for Christmas. This makes it $309. I know. It's a killer, but the books are MUCH cheaper and you know they are still going to buy paper editions of their best books anyways!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Home Dec

My mother-in-law asked me to make shams for her extra bedroom, to match some curtains she put up. I made the shams you see on the left, the peach fabric with the small print. I also made her the accent pillow you see, which is fabulous!! I made piping and the covered button in the middle of the pillow out of the sham fabric.

I am really happy with how it all came out and so was she, when I gave it to her earlier today.

Guess what you're getting for Christmas?

You are probably thinking that my life is pretty glamorous, what with those into-the-wee-hours sewing sessions and all. Well, just take a look at what a Friday night might hold for me.

I have been experimenting with making the same kind of bath products that I buy from a certain shop when I am on vacation. I've found some different directions online, so here you see my supplies being measured and mixed...

...and squeezed into Christmas ornament molds.....

molded into a loaf pan.

In case this looks like the work of a few minutes, it was not. I spent a very long time trying to get it all right. Made a HUGE mess to clean up.

Ta da! Bath Bombs, solid bubble bath, and salt scrub. Scented with either warm spicy things like patchouli and cloves, or in the case of the green ones, eucalyptus.

I tested a bubble bath slice. WALL of bubbles.

So there you have it. Chemistry Night.

You should be around for Knitting Night. It's just off the wall.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Mad Midnight Sewing

Do you notice the time at the bottom of this post? I've been sewing. DS2 is still awake too, and he finds it amusing that my late-night activity is sewing, in fact, he is kind of snickering in a smart-ass way. BUT, and this is only exciting to me but I'm really happy I thought of this - I just spent several hours taking my two favorite REALLY old nightgowns and cutting them into one brand new FABULOUS nightgown! Madness, no? I really know how to kick it up after midnight yes?

The new hybrid nightgown is a masterful blend of a long white nightgown a white one with blue flowers. I even saved and used the nice covered buttons from the white one. I did a good job, this looks great. I'm wearing it right now. I may have to even go outside just to see the moonlight in my old/new nightgown. Cuz, you know, that's how I roll when I cut loose and sew into the wee hours.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday Morning

It's off to my pattern-fitting class this morning, just three more to go. My pattern looks incredibly cut, slashed, bandaged, darted, lengthened, and shortened. I'm wondering how any clothes fit any of us properly after this!

And what are YOU doing today?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's good to be strong

Pumpkins, all you can carry for one price. It's a good thing DS2 was with me! Sorry the picture is so bad, I took it with my cell phone.