Sunday, October 19, 2008

Guess what you're getting for Christmas?

You are probably thinking that my life is pretty glamorous, what with those into-the-wee-hours sewing sessions and all. Well, just take a look at what a Friday night might hold for me.

I have been experimenting with making the same kind of bath products that I buy from a certain shop when I am on vacation. I've found some different directions online, so here you see my supplies being measured and mixed...

...and squeezed into Christmas ornament molds.....

molded into a loaf pan.

In case this looks like the work of a few minutes, it was not. I spent a very long time trying to get it all right. Made a HUGE mess to clean up.

Ta da! Bath Bombs, solid bubble bath, and salt scrub. Scented with either warm spicy things like patchouli and cloves, or in the case of the green ones, eucalyptus.

I tested a bubble bath slice. WALL of bubbles.

So there you have it. Chemistry Night.

You should be around for Knitting Night. It's just off the wall.

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