Friday, October 17, 2008

Mad Midnight Sewing

Do you notice the time at the bottom of this post? I've been sewing. DS2 is still awake too, and he finds it amusing that my late-night activity is sewing, in fact, he is kind of snickering in a smart-ass way. BUT, and this is only exciting to me but I'm really happy I thought of this - I just spent several hours taking my two favorite REALLY old nightgowns and cutting them into one brand new FABULOUS nightgown! Madness, no? I really know how to kick it up after midnight yes?

The new hybrid nightgown is a masterful blend of a long white nightgown a white one with blue flowers. I even saved and used the nice covered buttons from the white one. I did a good job, this looks great. I'm wearing it right now. I may have to even go outside just to see the moonlight in my old/new nightgown. Cuz, you know, that's how I roll when I cut loose and sew into the wee hours.

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