Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Windy Wednesday Morning

Now this is something you just don't want to have happen when you are knitting. I saw a few twisted stitches a few inches down on this sweater and decided to drop the stitches off my needle, unravel them, and use a crochet hook to pick them back up. That's fine except that I dropped the wrong ones and instead of fixing them first and then dropping the next ones, I dropped them all at once. There was no way to put them all back neatly, so I ripped them all out down to the bottom. That pretty much undid the entire evening's worth of knitting.

Gratuitous picture of Rusty and Keefer. Kiefer? I don't know how to spell his name!

This is from last week when we were watching K-Man while. He was very good and fun to have here.

Last sewing class today and I am in a bad mood because I did not finish my blouses and they have fitting problems and therefore I can't wear either of them to class and I was up late working on them and I don't even have any buttons and I'm never sewing again.

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