Sunday, October 26, 2008

Knights, Ladies, weird fantasy costumes,and KINDLE

I'm meeting DD and boyfriend today at the PA Renaissance Faire. I'm looking forward to it, I love going. Not getting dressed up this year. I will buy candles and honey from the beekeepers that are there, and some wine from the Mt. Hope vineyard.

Hey, in other news, someone told me that Oprah had the inventor of the Kindle on her show, it's hew new favorite thing. In the world, I believe. Changed her life, she says. I get it because I LOVE mine. She gave one to each of her guests, as well as $50 off a Kindle to anyone who wants to order one by November 1. I am putting this up as a public service announcement because you should buy the readers on your list one for Christmas. This makes it $309. I know. It's a killer, but the books are MUCH cheaper and you know they are still going to buy paper editions of their best books anyways!

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