Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A good present!

Background part one: There's a little "craft exchange" thing going around on Facebook where you make something for the first five friends to sign up under your name. I haven't made my five things, in fact it nearly slipped my mind in the craziness of the kitchen. Good thing you have a year to do it!

Background part two: I have a friend I met online more than a dozen years ago and who I've met in person many times. We were writing partners for a while on AOL, we share a lot of similarities in our lives, and we generally crack each other up. She is a talented watercolor artist.

Background part three: I took this picture in NH a few months ago and put it up on my Facebook page. It is not a downhill trail, but a little cut into and back out of the woods and looks like a fairytale forest, I just loved it, it was magical in there.

You've probably figured it out; my friend took the photograph from my page and did a painting of it!!

Look at that! I may have to buy a red ski jacket now! Is this not the best gift!!?? It is about 12 inches square and I can't wait to get it framed.

It is BEAUTIFUL and I have to tell you, it never even crossed my mind that she would do a painting for her exchange, that just seems like too much! My son brought the package in the house and I was puzzled at first, having forgotten about the exchange, and then when I saw the protective boards I got a little shaky, wondering aloud if she'd done a painting for me, no no, did she send me a painting? When I opened it, I burst into tears. Really, tears. What a thoughtful present, what a beautiful treasure.

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