Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Rusty's Day

Here's a day that began really well for Rusty but turned into his LEAST FAVORITE DAY of the month. He was so happy to be out doing errands with us....captions are below the pictures this time!

Here's Rusty looking out the window while in a line of cars. He hasn't yet realized that we are in line at one of his favorite places...

"What?? Bank drive-through window!! I'll just stare at that little machine until a treat comes out of it!" (He has no idea that the girl who is waving and talking to him from inside the bank is the actual source of the biscuits. It's all about the pneumatic tube.)

" C'mon. Guys. I thought we were just coming in here for a new collar and some treats?? You never said NAIL CLIPPING! What? We are going to rent one of those bathtubs???"

"Get. That. Away. From. Me."

"I can't believe this is happening. "

"Look at these two. A turban. What's wrong with them? How humiliating. All I need now is for one of those Big Dogs to come walking through."

"Do you have to brush my freakin mmmmfffsss....."

"Oh my God. I am exhausted. Get me the hell home and let's just STAY there."

Poor Rusty!

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