Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Here's the story so far! We flew into Denver yesterday and drove right to Boulder, not too far away. We found that our hotel has a really good vegetarian restaurant and we had lunch there before heading out to see what the town was like. We ended the town visit by hanging out at Cheesecake Factory's outdoor table for a long time so we could watch people - I ordered a cup of mint tea after our meal just to prolong the table.... :) Then we drove up Flagstaff Mountain - very nice.

Today we rode bikes along Boulder Creek trail and into town - this is a really bike-friendly town and it was a lot of fun to get around that way. We shopped on the Pearl Street Mall and then got caught in some rain so we hid out in a cafe for a while. Here's DD's boyfriend and his "Bro Look" which we get a particular kick out of. We dried off our bikes and rode back to our hotel, had lunch, and then jumped into the car to go to.....

The actual tea company! Tea factory! Right in Boulder! Who knew??

It was fun and interesting and it smelled GREAT and we bought some teas we've never seen at home, and cute stuff.

THEN we drove to a town called Nederland, through Boulder Canyon about 20 miles, and it was very rainy and foggy so we went to a great store called Nature's Own and browsed fossils and rocks and minerals for a long time. (All of that was on the advice of a guy who works in a bookstore in Boulder.) Nederlands was authentically weird and Colorado hippie. Some evidence of that:

Yes, a combined bike rental and coffee shop. It was actually a great latte.

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