Thursday, April 29, 2010

Juicers and Brothers

I stole my brother's juicer. 

Well not really, but I feel kind of guilty about this since I borrowed it months ago and haven't returned it. I don't think he reads my blog anymore, but I'll play it safe and offer my apology for being a bad borrower. I borrowed it because I wanted to check out the whole juicing thing, and since he's a great brother (and handsome too) he offered me his. I'm going to get it back to him right away. (Really handsome.)

This is his juicer, a Moulinex, easy to use, easy to take apart, top-rack dishwasher safe, but still a big old mess to use and clean.  If I ever decide to get one I will rank "ease of cleaning" high on the list, since I'm far more likely to use it if it is. On the plus side, what a boon to the compost bin! Or to the mice who shop at my compost bin!

Interestingly, even though I haven't used it in months, I found myself thinking about a particular juice I made. Over the weekend I bought a variety of fruits & vegetables for juicing and have been experimenting for a few days now. (Sorry Bro, really, I'll give it back.)

I made a cucumber - lemon hydrator, basic enough, which I mixed with water and shared with DS2, who was only so-so on it.  My favorite one, the one I was thinking about, is as follows,

involving fennel, lemon, and green apple.


Worth the mess of cleaning it up. Mostly.


Liz Keuffer said...

Interesting that you post this. We have the same juicer which has been sitting unused forever. Just the other night Kevin pulled it out and started making juice. We didn't have much for him to throw in there, but he's made requests for our next trip to the grocery store.

Cogni said...

I've yet to ever find an easy to clean juicer, godspeed.