Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Maysies, Part One

I'm shocked to see that I haven't posted for so many weeks. I know I've been feeling a little too multi-directional but I didn't think it was enough to make time speed up. I'll fix that, dagnabit.

I've posted before about Maysies, my CSA. For a few years we "shared a share" and picked up produce every other week while our friend Keith picked up on the off weeks. This year Keith is sharing with someone else to give them a first step into the CSA, and we are using a full weekly share.

On last week's pickup day I was happy to find that my camera was in the car and it was a beautiful day. After gathering my share from the barn and picking a bag full of basil in one of the beds, I walked around for a while and took some pictures to share. 
These guys are the official greeters, and they take their work seriously. Here they are changing shifts, I guess, or comparing notes on the day's work. I usually open my car door to find a calm dog, standing a few feet away and not really making eye contact, who escorts me from the back of the barn to the front. I get the distinct impression that if I tried make a break for it and head for the house instead, the dog would have something to say about it. Once I get to close to the barn door he loses interest in me, unless I throw a tennis ball. 

 It's a beautiful farm, from the farmhouse to the barn to the fields separated by tree breaks. 

Sam Cantrell has taken this, his family's property, and in his words, chosen to "accept the challenge of establishing an agricultural operation based on sustainability, to have the farm become my career, to utilize this wonderful resource to fulfill my commitment to conservation and education."

Another dog, making sure I made it to the right place, above, and a glimpse of the house, below.
I feel lucky to be able to walk around the farm enjoying all there is - flowers, fields, woods, beds, buildings, equipment, dogs...this is so much better than the grocery store's produce section!
Next post: Green and Growing!

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DS1SO said...

I am dumb for not joining a CSA down here. Next year I will wake up and smell the frost date and enroll somewhere.

I smuggle as many zucchinis and other vegetables down after each visit (I am having zucchini tomorrow I think...) but it'd be nice to take rather more fragile veggies from somewhere local. And my 'in a pot!' gardening experiments have, er, not gone well.

You should see what even my poor herbs look like, right now.