Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Valentine Wrap

Valentine because that's the color name of the Cascade Eco+ Wool I'm using.
Wrap because it's the awesome Snug Hooded Wrap from Knitting and Tea that I have been wanting to make. Four things to know:

  1. It has pockets.
  2. It has a hood.
  3. The hood has a tassel.
  4. That's right, a tassel.

My phone is tucked into the beginning of a pocket. Stitches, which will be picked up later and ribbed, are being held in front of the phone. A separate lining was knit into the space behind the phone, which neatly accounts for the stitches held, creates the pocket, and prevents any missteps in the cable pattern. I've blogged this picture to help anyone who might be confused about the lining insertion.

More as it grows!

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