Friday, July 25, 2008

Thursday, getting tired!

While most of the guys went biking again at Vail, Jen and I rented bikes and got a van ride to the top of Vail Pass, over 10,000 feet, and rode the bikes down to the valley. We rode on a variety of surfaces: paved bike path, old road closed to traffic, roads open to traffic, and I-70. Yes, I said Interstate 70. That was kind of weird, even though we were a pretty safe distance from the flying semis and there was an orange warning fence between us and them. But then I realized that I could do that hand motion to ask the trucks to blow their horns, and I got a huge kick out of that! Whizzing along a highway, on a bike, high in the mountains, with loud truck horns! I just can't tell you how much I enjoyed that!

It was a beautiful ride, 9 miles to the valley floor then another 6 miles to Vail. The 6 miles was a little hilly and I walked uphill a lot!

Oh, we saw two different bears yesterday. A cub just bounced out in front of us on a ride up a very long dirt road we remembered from another trip, and later as we were walking to dinner. That one was a pretty good sized bear, heading up from the village. We were a very safe distance from him but we learned later that he just appeared at the bus stop, walked up the main steps to the village, and sauntered back up the hill. We could see people down below us in the village watching him as we walked down.

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