Monday, November 10, 2008

My weekend in pictures

Saturday morning I drove to a suburb of Baltimore and checked into this hotel where I met a few of my friends. We used get to the Baltimore Convention Center... which is in the Inner Harbor so we could attend this... which is a huge annual gathering of ... knitters! I met lots of nice people, a few authors, learned a few things, and bought some yarn. The next day my two friends left because they had been there for days and their time was up, but two other friends drove down from Delaware. I took the train by myself and met them in the city, then at the end of the day took the train back up to where I'd left my car and drove home. Missed a turn in the middle of horse country on the way home, but a quick call to my brother who is a whiz at helping me out when I'm lost, and I was back on my way.

I bought a few projects....
This hat, but not in those colors, for a baby gift. It looks like fun to knit and it's adorable. I bought yarn and a pattern for a sweater that I unfortunately cannot find a picture of to show you, because it's very new. I bought this book....
to help me design a sweater for DH. I also bought one of these Buddha buttons, the large one, for something as-yet-unplanned for myself because I thought it was just so cool looking.

I bought a few Christmas presents too, but, you know. Can't show em.

That's my story, it was fun to be with so many other women (and a few men!) who knit. Now I have to clean and get to work on a BIG project for school that I am very late on, and will take many many solid days of work, which I don't have, so it will take weeks overall. Yikes.

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