Saturday, November 15, 2008

Slippery Shirts

This post might look as if I am bragging about my sewing skills, but it's not. It's for my kids and my mom who aren't here in my house right now to see what I did.

Okay. It looks just like bragging. Here goes...

DH wears, to play racquetball and do work, a lot of what we call Slippery Shirts because we are a weird family and we make a lot of names for things. They are performance fabrics because they wick and stretch. I ordered some Power Dri from the mill that makes Polar Fleece fabric, and made a shirt for him based on his favorite shirt. Black is hard to photograph, but here's a picture of both shirts, the old one on the bottom and my new one on top.

Here's a picture of just the new one - it looks really good! The machines were great - I didn't use the sewing machine at all, just the serger and the coverstitch. I added the green at the inside back of the neck to keep it from stretching but it was an afterthought so it's not very neat. But the stitching is all really nice, I love that coverstitch machine. He can wear it to see how it feels, and now that I have learned so much from the last class I took, I can make any changes to it that he needs.
All right I'm finished. But it's not really bragging, it's just - - showing my skills!

Go ahead Mom - click on the picture so it's bigger and just look how nice that hem is!

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