Sunday, February 14, 2010

Knitting Olympics Day One and Last Blizzard Pics

I know I know, but one last thing about the snow last week. As a reminder, this is what 24 inches of snow on the deck looks like.

And this is what 24 inches plus 24 MORE inches looks like.

That was fun, eh?
Knitting: done. First I - and this will only be interesting to my fellow knitters - dropped 10 rows of a 9-stitch cable because I noticed a place where it hadn't crossed. It was a challenge but not impossible, even though there were two crossings within those 10 rows. Otherwise, I thoroughly enjoyed the speed skating and moguls - luge not so much - while I knitted. Unfortunately I was sitting ramrod straight the entire time because I stepped off the front porch this morning on to a patch of clear, hard ice. This is a fair amount of pain, and sitting back into the chair is not an option.

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