Sunday, February 28, 2010

Olympic hopes, dashed

I am no Olympian.

Well, at least not this year. That little slip on the ice two weeks ago has turned into actual Injury (that's a capital "I" as in, "I can't drive all the way to Trader Joe's because I have an Injury!") and cannot sit in any television-ready chair for much time. Those heady, early days of watching are over and don't know why they were possible in the first place. I have knitted a bit, here and there, but not according to my plan. Oh well. Next year. 

By the way, this is a picture of the mobile groomer's trailer, and the reason I was out there at 9 a.m.and not thinking clearly enough to avoid the ice:
Pretty funny, huh? I wanted to go out and see the inside of the trailer but, again, the Injury. Apparently several neighbors stopped by to look in the window and at least once to inquire about her services. 

Off now to make a birthday cake - someone around here has turned 50 today!

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