Thursday, March 11, 2010

Good Karma Day

Yesterday was a remarkably busy, productive day. I have been home alone for several days, prevented from participating in an annual family ski trip by a nearly-but-not-quite-healed injury. I have, however, enjoyed my time alone and spent a great deal of it sewing and reading, with just one morning for household projects. Yesterday, however, I had to make up for it with a highly organized list of things to do, wash, cook, return, purchase, and put away.  It was a lovely day and I was humming along, enjoying the day, when increasingly good things started happening:

  • As I was paying for a gift for a friend, a strange woman offered me her "secret" scratch-off coupon for 30% off of a total purchase. Nice! I not only used it for the present, but backtracked and did some more shopping in that store.
  • As I was paying for shoes - one pair for me, one for DD - at DSW, the woman in front of me handed me her reward coupon, saying she couldn't use it. (I have no idea why; she was buying shoes.) It was for $20 off the purchase. That's right. She basically handed me a twenty! 
  • My last stop of the day was at Target, and I went to the service desk because my very favorite handmade, elbow-length, purple gloves disappeared about a month ago, on my last trip to Target. I remembered walking into the store wearing them but walked out without them. I looked for them at the time but they weren't around. Last night I tried again, searching through their collection of lost umbrellas, totes, hats, gloves, and toys. No gloves. Later as I was bagging my purchases into my own cloth bags, I found my gloves stuffed into the bottom of a bag! I was so happy!
I went home and put the groceries and stuff away, grabbed the dog, and went out to buy a lottery ticket. Seriously, wouldn't that be funny?


Nancy said...

(How easily are you hypnotized?) I'm thinking if you win the lottery it would be fun to go out to lunch to celebrate(Seriously, have you ever been hypnotized?) We could have lunch, maybe do some shopping, take a walk with the dogs (Wouldn't it be fun to be hypnotized?)Catch up on some gossip, discuss the latest good read (and then you would remember that you owe me several hundred thousand dollars)

DS1SO said...

I love good karma days. And productive days, too. I am hoping I can steal a little bit of your luck when I go back south ... I feel some major spring cleaning coming on.

Anna said...

I felt so sleepy when I read that last comment...