Friday, June 4, 2010

Bento Box Lunch

I thought yesterday's lunch was lovely tucked into its bento box, although the lighting could have been better for a picture.

Castelvetrano (green) and cerignola (black) olives in the top left corner along with carrot sticks that were picked the day before. A few Marcona almonds and dried apricots in the container to the right, and a bit of hummus in the bottom corner. The remaining container has two mini whole grain pitas and a handful of dried pineapple wedged between.

Whenever I have to do something that involves a lunch, I prefer to pack one over running out to buy a sandwich. Usually the refrigerator holds enough fresh food or leftovers to put something together. I ran this meal through my nutrition analyzer and it received an "A" (and had a HUGE amount of Vitamin A between the carrots and the apricots!). I had a bottle of mint and water in the fridge and I was happy to pour that into a travel bottle. 
Here's the closed box; technically it is DS2's, but I appropriate it as needed. It is from Laptop Lunches. The bottle is one of the many MANY Sigg bottles we had to replace recently.

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DS1SO said...

Yum, looks delicious!