Monday, May 31, 2010

Moleskine News!

In a fun day of shopping with DD and, for part of the day, with DS2, we managed to buy a lot of birthday presents for June people.  I can't put up pictures because some of those June Birthday People read this blog, but I can, however, share the excitement of a new line of Moleskine journals - "Passions" journals. I bought a "Recipe" journal today - and it has stickers!

AND, for all you Moleskine fans, have you been to their website?? You can use templates to download and print extra pages, import your calendar and print it out to use in your Moleskine, or even...wait for your own pages - with images - and print. 

Customize your Moleskine. Print extra pages. I can hardly stand it.

1 comment:

DS1SO said...

HMM, a birthday in JUNE, eh?

I must wait until after work to go to the moleskine site, I have the distinct feeling I will be spending some time there...