Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Look What I Found

I was digging through a basket of yarn - actually, I was dumping the basket because I wanted to use it - and I found this little baby sweater. 
 I stared at it blankly for many minutes before I remembered it at all. I started it a few years ago while recuperating from surgery, as a charity piece. (In my defense I completed several charity items during that time, and shipped them all off to their respective organizations.) This must have been the last one. I remember that my daughter went out and bought the yarn for me but I don't know which pattern I was using - luckily there isn't much left to do but finish the sleeve and continue adding trim and a button band to the front. I wonder what else is in that closet.


DS1SO said...

I try to leave unfinished projects around so that I can find them half-done and complete them - I have done it before, so I know it feels awesome, like finishing a big project in 1/8th the time - but I keep finishing things.

Was braindead after our long drive yesterday, so I spent some time weaving in ends ... it reminded me how much I hate it. I'd be tempted to toss the work into the closet, but it's an (already super late) gift. And to find a piece totally finished except for end-weaving-in would be a less than pleasant surprise.

Anna said...

Sally Melville wrote about weaving in the ends of yarn as you knit - it's not a bad technique and sure does make for a happier ending. I'll show you next time; it comes in handy.