Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Miso Happy and Knitting Too

I love the UPS man. He is always smiling and happy, and he gives me things. 

Yesterday he gave me two boxes. The first one had an order from South River Miso. While I can buy their miso locally, their website has all their current products and the ones that are, most importantly, soy free. DS2 has a soy allergy and while I have become adept at whipping up a soy-free soy sauce (say that 3 times fast) I thought we'd try their Miso Tamari, Chickpea Miso, and Azuki Miso, all of which are delicious. (The tamari is from chickpea miso.) I also ordered a sample pack including Sweet White, Dandelion Leek, and Three-Year Barley. Yep, Miso happy.

The next box was from Knit Picks, and was a combination of things for me and for DS1SO. (That cracks me up, by the way. She came up with it and it stands for, of course, Dear Son #1's Significant Other.) They make really nice quality circulars with changeable tips in different materials. She needed to replace a pair of Harmony wood tips, which are her tips of choice, and wanted some really small (0 and 1) double pointed needles. I needed extras in my favorite tips (nickel) in sizes 7, 8, and 9 as well as a few more cables. I also ordered a pair of Harmony tips for myself and a pair of acrylic Zephyr tips, just to check them out.
And this is another gratuitous picture of Rusty.

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DS1SO said...

Ruuuuustyyyy. He's so cute.

I can't wait to get back to VA and try those TEENY TINY NEEDLES.