Monday, September 6, 2010

Craft Swap

Here are some photos of my handmade items for a recent swap with some friends. I actually still have two out to finish in some form or another and send off, but let's focus on celebrating this part, shall we?

These were for my friend Norma, and she loved them. I loved them! Love love love the yarn.

For  Martha Ann, this handbag. It is from a pattern with a few modifications. I wish I'd taken a picture of the bag feet - she was surprised to discover them well after she received the bag. Love love love the fabric.

The inside, with my little label.

Ann's knitted and felted bag. This bag is GIGANTIC. It's a tote, with a commercial base that happened to fit perfectly inside the bottom of the bag, and a beautiful silk dupioni lining. Although this bag borrows a technique I learned from a commercial pattern (applied icord around the rim) I didn't use a pattern for this one. I've made so many knitted bags by now I just kind of start knitting! The colors are perfect for Ann, and I love love love the lining fabric.

The lining, with one pleated pocket.

I have a set of spherical, heavy, fabulous bag feet that I would have loved to use here, but they didn't match. I got creative and used some well-shaped buttons instead, which I think works fine.

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Norma Jeanne said...

I love, love LOVE my mitts!!!

I love, love, LOVE Anna Knapp!