Friday, November 5, 2010

Stitches East, 2010

First, some yarn highlights:

Are those colors fantastic? It is a silk/wool yarn, hand dyed, with a matching silk scarf to incorporate into the knitted one. Absolutely gorgeous. 

These olives will become a new version of my "Wrap Me Up" shawl - which, come to think of it, needs a picture here.

I know, this merino looks blue/silver but it's not. It's a grey going to black, and will make a nice (and fast) vest.

This lace weight alpaca is so  lovely, and the colors are a bit softer than what is here - in particular the red and the blue are really more of a watermelon and dusty blue. Last night DS2 patiently helped me divvy each skein into three, and then to wind the three skeins into one for an idea I have. I want to do a color-blocked scarf with three strands held together. Yep, I could have bought a heavier yarn of the same colors. Nope, didn't want to.

Stitches was great fun, as always - - traveled with two of my friends, met lots of new friends, my favorite felted bag made lots of new friends of its own, joked around with the (unknown to us at the time) mayor of Hartford about Bill Clinton and the fact that knit happens, took a super class from Leslye Solomon of Woolstock, and already can't wait until next year. 

I hate that my poor blog has sat idle for so long. Facebook is a blog killer, I think, and I have been much busier than usual. That's not over, but it will be soon!

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