Monday, June 13, 2011

Seitan, Raspberries, and Avocados

Gorgeous day, can't wait to get outside, have just a few housekeeping chores to do....and I'm experimenting in the kitchen. Almost done.
My family likes seitan, even the carnivores. It's available in nearly every local grocery store, frozen, fresh in a tub, or vacuum sealed, and sometimes available from local producers. The problem is that we have a vegetarian with a soy allergy (I know, right?) and technically seitan is wheat gluten made with soy sauce. What I'm after is a vegetarian "wheat meat" ingredient, similar to the awesome products from Field Roast. Their Apple-Sage Sausage is delicious whether or not you eat meat sausage, and the original Field Roast makes a great sandwich. That said, I really need a plain, versatile, not-too-seasoned ingredient to use in a variety of recipes. Periodically, I experiment. I have high hopes for the version in the oven now. It is kneaded, rested, rolled into a log and wrapped in foil. I took good notes and measurements and if it works, I'll share!
Raspberries are simmering on the stove, for a sorbet later. The experiment here is to use agave instead of sugar syrup. I mixed a half cup of agave nectar with 12 oz. of raspberries and the juice of half a lemon. I'll cool and strain and see what happens after it freezes. (A splash of balsamic vinegar will pick it up if needed.)
That's just my lunch. I thought it looked pretty.

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Pat - Arkansas said...

It does, it does! Look pretty, that is. Bet it tasted yummy, too.