Wednesday, June 15, 2011

CSA Box Breakfast

My youngest son has been working evenings, necessitating a quickly packed peanut butter sandwich or a slice of pizza for dinner. I noticed that his breakfasts and lunches haven't been all that substantial either, so I decided to make a good, healthy, sizable brunch plate for him today.
As I was rummaging around pulling things together, I realized that with the exception of garlic and orange juice, everything was from our CSA (Community Sponsored Agriculture, specifically the Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative) and my collection of herb pots. On today's menu:

Scrambled Eggs
Red Potatoes tosssed with Dill and Parsley
Toast and Orange Juice

I used Mark Bittman's awesomely good scrambled eggs method, without the cream, which gives the cook a little more time to prepare everything else. Steamed asparagus was set aside when the potatoes took their place in the steamer, while roughly chopped garlic and onion was softened (not browned) with olive oil and water to toss with the asparagus. A bit of butter and olive oil carried the chopped dill and parsley onto the potatoes, and we were ready to eat. The working boy had the lion's share, which, it turned out, was a potato or two too many. 
Hooray for bunch, local food, and hungry sons!

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DS1SO said...

Mmm, looks so good!