Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Yogurt Straining Awesomeness

Yogurt is yummy. 

For me it's plain or, less frequently, vanilla, and it might be the base of a granola bowl, a fruit topping, a soup dollop, or a dip. I've strained yogurt in various messy ways and was happy when Greek yogurt became readily available, but I do prefer organic yogurt. (Or even better, yogurt from Seven Stars, which is organic and locally produced.) Enter the Cuisipro yogurt strainer. It's actually called a "yogurt cheese maker" but that sounds wrong. It's yogurt, not cheese.

Here is a two pound container of lowfat plain yogurt, in the strainer. It overflows a bit but that's not a problem, I just snap the lid on and it's fine. The yogurt is sitting in a mesh filter, which fits into the square container. 

It all goes into the fridge for a couple of hours...or until dinner...or until the next day...depending on how thick you want it be. An astonishing amount of liquid strains out of the yogurt. Here's my container after more than a day, considerably reduced.
Here's the liquid...kind of surprising.
The yogurt is as thick as cream cheese.
A few times a week breakfast is a scoop of thick yogurt with granola and a drizzle of honey. Good morning!


Liz Keuffer said...

Do you do anything with the runoff or is that just waste?

Anna said...

You can use it as the liquid in bread, or to soak grains, or to add to soup, or anywhere else you want to add some extra protein. The liquid is whey, and it is a protein. I have not used it but I will make an effort to do so!