Saturday, August 16, 2008

But first, the morning coffee

There I was in the kitchen, making my latte and wearing the camera around my neck so I wouldn't forget to take it into the office to upload pictures. I noticed that my latte was perfect, almost-but-not-quite too good to ruin by drinking, worthy of photographing. So here, for your viewing pleasure, is my morning coffee!

Is that gorgeous or what? Now on to other things.

I made my mom a small tote bag for her birthday in June but was not happy with how it turned out. I started a second one then but haven't gone back to work on it until this week. I spent the last few mornings with my coffee at the sewing machine and ironing board to finish it, and I love it! It's not very big and it's meant as a tote, not a purse, so it doesn't close. But look!

I love this fabric!This is a close-up of the handle attachment. Ok, so I'm still not happy with that wavering line of stitching, but with that metal ring in the way I can't figure out how to get it any straighter!
Pockets on each side....
Inside, on one side I made a cell phone pocket, a pen pocket and a wider one - notice the binding on the pockets? Yep.
And the other side of the inside, with two wider pockets. I stuck a note card in the right and a cd on the left for scale - not that my mom is going to be carrying around a U2 cd, but you never know!
Now I just have to give it to her. OH DARN! I just realized I forget to put one of my labels in it! I will do that this morning, glad I remembered!!

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