Thursday, September 18, 2008

Nearly finished!

Here is the result of all the moving around and mess we created in the last few weeks. It was hard to get some of the pics because it's very sunny outside and that makes the rooms dark. I expect that my children will be the most able to see what a big change this is, since they live here, much of the time.

Here we see, from Dh's spot at the kitchen table, how the view has changed....
Here is the new "tv room" formerly known as the office. Notice that nice new floor...

Gratuitous picture of Rusty
The new library, formerly known as the family room. Three of the corners have shelves which, you will see, have not been arranged.
View from the foyer - that slipcovered wingback chair isn't staying. I just don't have the heart to ask anyone to carry anything else right now.
Messy corner shelves, but you get the idea of the room. LOL, I just noticed that I am reflected in the mirror between the windows.
And the living room, where not much has changed except that the bookshelves are gone and the entertainment center's armoire is there instead. I like how that looks.

Same as always, just another furniture arrangement. Alex is so sorry to be the child who constantly has to rearrange that room for me.

And that's all! It feels really different to have the rooms changed so drastically. I like it a lot. We need to get a rug for the tv room, and hang pictures, arrange some storage, etc., but it's very comfortable.

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