Sunday, September 7, 2008


Oh boy, what have I gotten into here? We finished the office floor and decided to move some things around - to turn the office into a TV room, and to turn the old TV room into a library. So basically, every single flat surface on this floor is COVERED with either:

  • office things, like files/computer/printer/copier/etc
  • books books BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS
  • TV things, like dvds/vcrs/tapes/cables
  • Things that used to be on shelves, like photo albums, sculptures, framed photos, knitting baskets - - you get the idea. So here, take a look at what has happened - my house is GONE!

Look at the foyer. Complete with a sofa and bookcases. There is a view of the dining room from the kitchen.....the living room just keeps getting worse....and this used to be the kitchen!

Does anyone want to come over and help?


I'll make wait....I can't get to the stove...

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