Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sewing Room

As you probably know, I am very happy with my sewing room, or sewing studio if you feel snotty, in the basement. The whole room isn't actually just mine, but it's a very good space and I will photograph it the next time I clean it! In the meantime, I realized that I took these once and meant to post them. These are some things that hang on the walls.....

This framed shadowbox has some vintage notions from my Grandma's sewing basket. No matter what we do they insist on falling down inside of there; apologies for how, um, sliding-down it looks. There are some snaps, bindings, elastic, needles - - all with ridiculously low (by today's standards) prices. I love having them and I love thinking about her when I look at it. I need to make a reminder to take it apart and try to fix it again soon. If you click on the picture, of course, it will get bigger and you can really see what's in there.

Over by the ironing board DH hung this cool little bar with hooks - handy, eh? There are a few shears there and applique scissors, some fusible tape, and a print I bought from a student at school. She had photographed the textile room there, and I loved it. It's just taped up to the wall. Don't tell DH. He hates when I tape things.
Rusty has a little hangout on an old sham from my bed, in front of the door. From here he can keep an eye on birds/sqirrels/deer and me at the same time. Looks very alert, doesn't he?

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