Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day Surprises

I wanted to send the College Students something for Valentine's Day, but didn't think they needed me to buy them any candy or any plastic anythings to store. It was kind of late at night and I was thinking about what would be recycled or recyclable and I had a flash of GENIUS.

I ran around the house looking in all the drawers and nooks for things that were red or pink. And Useful, they had to be Useful. This is what I found:

Red squares of paper for writing notes, black cherry and red raspberry EmergenC packets, Red Bush Tea and Awake Tea, shampoo packets from the Red Roof Inn (can you believe that one?), red Fruit RollUps, half burned red candles, a red velcro thingie for keeping cords together, red pens & pencils, bobbins of red thread, red & pink straws, a pink yoga sticker, a pink bunnie cutout (which will definitely come in handy for Easter), red box of matches, a red "keep this coupon" cause you might need that someday, a red clip, pink post its, red tablet, and finally, red ribbon and pink ribbon. You always need ribbon for something.

I decorated two coffee cans (I am so happy when I find a use for coffee cans) with paper and made labels to glue on them.

I divvied everything up and filled the cans. I didn't have the right boxes so I took them to the post office and the post office man (what do you call that guy?) had something. He liked the cans. So did the recipients!

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