Thursday, February 3, 2011

Prayin' and Knittin'

While emptying all the bags and baskets I found many items, which I tossed into a basket until the yarn was put away. Here's a picture of most of them. Look closely and you'll see stitch markers, mini emery boards, a Pinocchio measuring tape, a change purse, a nostepinne, that a rosary?


Apparently it was a really hard pattern.


Liz Keuffer said...

Nostepinne? Are you going to make me look that up?

Anna said...

I'm sorry! The nostepinne is that long wooden spindle. You wind skeins of yarn onto it, and when finished and removed from the spindle they are lovely and pull from the center.

Pat - Arkansas said...

Love your stash! A rosary? Maybe I need to put mine on the stamp table when I'm trying to design cards.

Glad to have a link to your blog. I'll play catchup in the next few days.