Saturday, February 26, 2011

AeroGarden Happiness

I love this!

I started the herbs in this AeroGarden on January 15 and in the last few weeks have been judiciously harvesting here and there, but  today...look!

They are big - perhaps as much as 8 or 9 inches for the tallest.

I generally enjoy something about every season (except the Season of Humidity, but even then I try to be grateful for "indoor project" time.) but I really miss gardening and fresh herbs. I grow many herbs in pots right outside the kitchen door and find the lack of herbs-at-hand during the winter distressing. While this can't count as gardening, it certainly is delightful to have something edible growing right in the dining room. (I think this is why I sprout seeds and legumes, too.) I will pay the price for herbs in the winter market but can't always have exactly what I want on hand in the kitchen. There comes a time, too, when there aren't big bunches of herbs in the stores but sad little stems in plastic boxes. No.

This herb garden has three kinds of basil as well as thyme, dill, mint, and oregano. The whole hydroponics setup is neat, and when researching whether or not to buy one I found that people have multiples of them set up over the winter. Some people, of course, build their own hydroponic systems because they are clever & handy people who have figure it all out, but I have not. All I have to do is add water when the indicator light is on, and add liquid nutrients when the other light tells me to. Next fall, around the beginning of October, I will start another set of herbs that will be ready by the time a freeze really really takes my herbs. 

I ordered mine from Amazon and found that they are not nearly as expensive as when they first appeared on the market. After this initial set of herbs that were included, I'll buy ala carte and choose the ones I want.

Fun, and it smells like summer in the dining room. 

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Pat - Arkansas said...

Fantastic! I've seen this sort of thing advertised, but have never before had a first-hand report from an actual user.

Your plants are beautiful. I can almost smell/taste them from here.