Tuesday, March 1, 2011

iPads, Kindles, Peace

Yesterday I read this article in the New York Times Magazine and it struck a chord. I'd already read about Kindle Singles but that's not what grabbed me here. The writer's points (and the printed version may be different from the online) about the commercialism of the web and the attendant "noise" are spot-on.

Read it and see what you think. Kindle Singles are welcome here in an age of USA Today and short news blurbs; apps for my iPad that present my RSS feeds, FB, magazine content, videos, and news subscriptions without flashing peripheral ads every few seconds are fantastic.

So basically, I think this defends my position of being (possibly unhealthily) involved with my iPad and Kindle.

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Pat - Arkansas said...

A very interesting NYT article. Thanks. I'll have to investigate the Kindle Singles. I'm enjoying reading free Kindle books, so far. I still call upon the library for books of interest which are not free.

Don't have an iPad, so don't know what I'm missing.