Monday, March 28, 2011

Why Haven't I Made This Before?

Vanilla roasted pears in their own caramel sauce served with goat cheese and walnuts....

This was delicious! I'm sorry for the glare on the picture, but seriously, I just wanted to hurry up and taste it!

As DH pointed out, this would make a light meal with some salad greens, a very nice start to a meal, and yes, a great dessert, as served. He was thinking ice cream, I am thinking about tomorrow morning's bowl of steel cut oats. The recipe is here, and you could absolutely do it without the vanilla bean, although your house won't smell like mine does right now! You're all going to thank me.

I'm going to try a balsamic roasted pear with honey and pepper next time, but I'll definitely repeat this.


Pat - Arkansas said...

Oh, yum! Looks delish!

DS1SO said...

Ooooh, I want some.