Sunday, April 3, 2011

Afghans for Afghans

This morning's work: Finishing work on two vests, one "little" boy and one teen, for Afghans for Afghans. The current campaign requested some specific items and sizes, and I had already started these vests and forgot about them when they were put away during a renovation. The finding of projects begun is a blessing and a curse, no? You wonder how you could have left them unfinished, forgotten, while acknowledging a head start on something!
Knitters who use the Elizabeth Zimmerman method in Fee's Sweater Workshop will recognize my notebook of calculations for a child's sweater.
Two vests and the beginning of a sweater. The vests need to be stitched at the shoulders and then picked up around the edges, forming a finish at the waist and buttonholes for the front.
I decided to add a sweater to my package, a child's size 10 pullover, crew neck. Done in the round from the bottom up with no seaming it's a fast knit and results in a lovely sweater. I finally found a good chart of measurements needed for raglan sweaters since I don't have an actual size 10 child here to measure. The chart is here in the Incredible, Custom-fit Raglan Sweater pattern at Woolworks. I haven't used the instructions, relying instead on the no-pattern method from the Sweater Workshop, but it is handy and includes a chart of yardage estimates.

Please refrain from pointing out that during the time it has taken to create this blog post, I could have stitched a few seams. Procrastination of seam finishing is probably what put the vests out of sight in the first place.

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Pat - Arkansas said...

You've got a good start on those two items. The information about Afghans for Afghans was very interesting.