Monday, May 2, 2011

Fast Food

There were three of us home, all vegetarians, it was time for dinner, and I didn't really feel like cooking. We all did, however, need a good meal; one skipped lunch, one had a small lunch, and one had Mexican Chain Food for lunch. I gave it a few minutes thought and pulled these convenience foods together:

A tube of precooked polenta, maybe the handiest thing to have in the pantry.
A bag of Trader Joe's Balsamic Glazed Grilled Sweet Onions. Delicious.
A small freezer container of chopped collard greens from our CSA at the end of last season. A little icy, but fine.
Melissa's Fava Beans, fresh. I love fava beans, and fava beans that are already cooked and waiting in the fridge are even better.

I sliced the polenta thinly into about 18 rounds and started them on the griddle. The frozen greens and a bit of water simmered in one skillet, the frozen onions in another, and in a third I simmered the favas in olive oil with a few leaves of sage and plenty of fresh garlic.

Obviously I had a hunch it was going to taste good, since I took pictures along the way. The combination was a fantastic, fast, healthy, whole meal:
The onions and polenta are a good starting point and I will restock them. If DH had been home, a little of the (already grilled and sliced) chicken in the freezer would have completed the dish for him.


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