Thursday, January 14, 2010

Colorado Skiing

Bowls. Bowls are hard to explain and harder to photograph - there isn't much for scale and they're really white! They are aptly named, however, because generally they are huge scooped out bowls from which you enter from the rim and head for the bottom. They can have tree areas or be bare, they can be super fun or dangerous. There is one lift out, at the bottom of each bowl. This is China Bowl, and you can see another one in distance. I think I can name it but I'll check with DD first. 

Thanks to the two in the foreground for providing a sense of scale - or lack of one!

This one also gives a feel for how big and open bowls are.


Some, but not all, of my family.

Breathtaking views, and icy trees. Gorgeous. 

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DS1SO? said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty. Just totally beautiful. What a fantastic trip - thanks for letting me come along! It's so much fun.