Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Well that was boring.

What a bad idea, to announce to the waiting world that the family blog has been turned into a public blog and then - - - go on vacation.

We're back, pictures to follow. Vail was spectacular. It was a quick trip and allowed for only two ski days for me (altitude, altitude) and three for the rest of my family, but blue skies and endless snow-capped peaks will make up for anything.

Great surprise last night:  I went into the sewing room for the first time since perhaps Thanksgiving and found a nearly completed skirt I had forgotten about! There it was, decent quality denim with a bit of stretch, two perfectly sewn kick pleats in the back, needing only hemmed and faced at the waistband. I spent about 15 minutes at the sewing machine and then hemmed and tacked while watching District 9 with DH and voila - a new skirt to wear today. Damn!

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DS1SO? said...

I love project surprises. I have a little stuffed creature I find from time to time that needs legs - and often I'm too pleased at how close I am to actually finish. Incentive to begin and abandon more knitting projects, maybe?