Sunday, January 31, 2010

Saturday Sewing

Whenever I saw this little set of sewing supplies in JoAnn's I coveted only one thing - the pincushion in the lower left corner. Not only do I love Project Runway, I have a thing for pincushions. The rest of the stuff was not a draw; no need for them nor are they the same quality as the rest of my supplies.  I couldn't justify paying $25 for a plain pincushion. Until the other day, when I saw it marked down to $7.50. Yay!

 I'll find something useful for this little plastic case to do...maybe pencils or something.

 I had planned yesterday to be a sewing day and it was, but I'm a bit under the weather so it wasn't quite as much as I'd have liked. Tally:

  • 2 completed knit tops, a green and a brown
  • 1 halfway completed black top, with a ridiculous mistake that will take forever to rip out -  if I can do it without tearing the fabric.  It was the best knit of the bunch, too.
  • 1 experiment, on a very inexpensive knit, in drafting a draped neck. 
  • One altered Eddie Bauer sweatshirt for DH - he didn't like how long a new sweatshirt was, so I cut off the ribbing, cut two inches off the body, and put the ribbing back on.  

The two tops, with badly trimmed inner necklines, I must say.

I would like spend a few hours in the sewing room again today, but I don't know if that will happen. I have this gray wool to make a skirt (pictured here with the garishly shiny "static-free" lining fabric) and some fleece DS2 picked out for a new gaiter. He has some specifics I am supposed to follow - - how lovely, to have a personal seamstress at your disposal!

Hope my sewing and crafting friends made some time this weekend for their projects too!

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DS1SO said...

I knit quite a bit this weekend, but you can barely tell -- alas, I am experimenting with two-color knitting, and on teeeeeeny tiny needles, too. I will show you when I'm done!