Monday, January 25, 2010

Who needs sleep?

Yep. When I have a sleepless night this is the song that plays on an unrelenting loop in my mind. Nothing against BNL, I like them, but I could do without the soundtrack to my insomnia. While not alarmingly frequent, I have my share of restless nights. I'm going on just a few hours sleep but will be happy to nap later. I love naps.

I have several ideas for things to do today, and I'd really like to touch on all of them before tonight. No pressure, but just because I want to.
  • I have several hours of reading/researching and then some organizing and thinking to do for school.
  • I really should balance the checkbook and pay the bills.
  • I'd like to get something cut out in the sewing room, and I'm also playing with pattern drafting software, Wild Ginger. Could be amazing if I get it right. I've been checking out another one, Bernina's My Label, which actually builds your garment and puts it on a 3D model of your body, letting you view it from all angles, select fabrics, and play with lengths. 
It's pouring rain and windy. I've made a fire, I have a coffee, and I've already begun reading - there's a sofa within stumbling distance if sleep catches up with me. We'll see.

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