Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Guilty Dog

This is a dog who has put himself in timeout, even though nobody is looking at him, or knows what he's done. It's kind of a clue that something has happened:That is how DS2 found him, not making eye contact, not moving, not breathing, just pretending he is green and able to blend right in with the rug and not be seen. Chameleodog. DS investigated and found the chewing gum, stretched along the rug, stuck to his front paws. Chewing gum, Rusty's downfall. He knows he can't have it, probably knew it should not be stuck to his paws or that he was about to experience the pain of having it pulled it out. Either way it was comical, he did not move or look at me as I cleaned it off the rug and then pulled bits of it off his feet.

After he sat up, this was the face of apology. If only the camera could have captured the rapid blinking. "blink blink you still love me right? blink blink I didn't mean for you to see it blink blink I'm really sorry please stop looking at me like that blink blink

Joke's on him, I can't get the gum out from his pads; he's going to have to go to the groomer today.

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