Saturday, December 27, 2008

What was that?

An earthquake!!

Last night just a little after midnight, I was watching television with DD when we heard what sounded like a train coming, if only we lived near a train station. The windows started rattling and we both jumped up and went to the front door, actually thinking "tornado" more than anything else. The boys in the basement heard it, DH heard it up in bed, but they all thought it was the other group making some kind of noise. Nope. A 3.4 about 40 miles away. We have felt a few earthquakes before, but it wasn't until DD's boyfriend called to say that they also had rattled windows where he lives (more than an hour west) that I got online to check it.
By the way, did you folks in New Castle know that the strongest earthquake in Pennsylvania was the "Pymatuning Earthquake," a 5.2 magnitude, on September 25, 1998? It apparently affected the water table in the area and people are still researching and recording its impact. Some people have had to drill new wells because of it.

The USGS report says Pymatuning one was felt "throughout northern Ohio, western Pennsylvania and New York, and much of southern Ontario, Canada. It was also felt as far west as Illinois and Wisconsin, as far east as New Jersey, Connecticut, and the District of Columbia, and as far south as Kentucky and Virginia."

There you have it, news and education all in one post!

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