Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Random posting

Happy New Year everyone - - in about 7.5. hours! Haven't posted much this week even though there has been much to post about - - lots of fun holiday things. I am also fighting, and maybe losing the battle with, a cold. I just spent a bit of time straightening out the checkbook so as to NOT start the new year having to do THAT, and now need to make some vegetarian chili for dinner and for some friends who will also be here around that time.

Two random pictures:

I made this black and white because it was SO sunny, and it was taken with my cellphone. I think we were at Loon Mountain in NH but I'm not sure. Anyways, this is the glamorous ski look - lot of layers of polar fleece and a hair-killing helmet!
And THIS is how windy it is here today:

The plastic, obviously, was stapled down until the 50 mph winds hit it. Let's hope the power holds out long enough for me to make dinner!

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