Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What have you been doing while everyone is away?

Everyone is away skiing in Colorado, my FAVORITE place, and I am here with an injured dog. It's a good thing I love him so much.

I have watched a ridiculous amount of this Twin Peaks set, the entire series. It belongs to Jason.

I have worked on DH's sweater. What you see here is the bottom half of the body and one sleeve, from the cuff to nearly the elbow.
I pressed some of my favorite linens with my fancy new press that I got for Christmas.
I made a crazy amount of pizza dough, below, which now needs to be shaped into shells, prebaked, and frozen.
I defrosted the big freezer in the basement! It was a cold, wet job.
I had to buy a new espresso machine because mine died. This is a step up, because the one that just died is probably the 4th one we've been through of the less expensive kind. This is exciting!
I have darned, fixed, and otherwise spruced-up these socks that belong to my children - including the girlfriend's pair!. Except for the one pair on the bottom right corner, I've knitted all of these for them and they love them. They all happened to give them to me at the same time, with holes/snags/whatever.
So I piled up all the socks to put them away and noticed just how lovely they all are. Look at all that color, and pattern, and obvious LOVE to make those damn small stitches in the socks! And there are a lot more handmade socks around here than this!
I made this delicious broth and the next day made a FABULOUS vegetable soup. Delicious. Lots of it.

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