Monday, January 19, 2009

Ciao, Christmas 2008

I hate taking the Christmas decorations down. Not because of the work, but because I like them. It does give the snowman collection the opportunity to move from the family room to the foyer, though. They stay out through the winter because, you know, they are made of snow. They seem to appreciate the opportunity to be front and center.

Here is how they look, all lined up and sprinkled with snow. They are very cute, and I try to pick a new one up each year, but only if I really like him. Or her. But then I was photographing them and taking some close-up pictures, I started to think that they look a little creepy from certain angles. Like a snowman army....

I mean, see the guy on the far left, leaning in, in front of the "S"? Did he move?

On the corner of the table I put these little figurines of children playing in the snow. On the right that little boy is climbing through the snow tunnel while a little girl is standing on top of it. Clearly their parents are negligent; that is unsafe behavior.

And finally, they are watched over by this...elf. Gnome. Wood sprite? I have no idea. I bought him years ago and I like him even though he is a mix of creepy and...creepy.

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