Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Area rug

DH found Flor, a company that makes carpet squares in all kinds of colors, textures, and patterns, which lets you make an area rug - or a wall to wall carpet - however you like. Since the TV room needed an 8 x 9 rug, and we were thinking about just buying a carpet remnant and having it cut and bound, we ordered this stuff instead.

It arrived the other day, and we arranged it into a pattern we like. Nowwe have to use these little sticky circles to hold it all together at the corners. The squares stick to each other, not to the floor. I think this is neat because you can rearrange them if you like, or use them differently in another room, and you can just pick up a square that has a spill and rinse it off and let it dry! We have a few extra squares, too.

So here is a picture as we were putting it together. It was night, so the colors are off...

And here is a picture of it in the daylight. I like how it looks. We are going to put wood blinds on the two side windows and I think I'll make some sort of fabric treatment in one of those spicy red shades.

Rusty wasn't even in that room until I took the camera and stood in the doorway. He walked right around me and sat on the floor. Honest.

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