Saturday, January 31, 2009

Afternoon Project, in pictures

This is the center piece of our entertainment center, which used to have the television inside but isn't being used for that anymore. (Ignore that little shelf to the left, it hides in the corner and holds yarn.)
The other two pieces of it are being used in other rooms and this one would make a great storage place if not for this giant cutout in the back. It's a heavy piece to move across the floor if you need the game board that has fallen back there, or the ball of yarn.

I measured everything yesterday and went to the store and found stacking closet organizers that would fit, and a big sheet of luan to cut and use to cover the hole. The guy at the store cut it in half for me because it wouldn't fit in the car.
I measured/marked it and used a utility knife to cut it to the size needed - lots of cuts and I am really afraid of razor blades and of cutting any surface in my kitchen, so it took a while!
Once I had the board cut to size I realized how plain it looked, and I remembered a roll of very heavy wrapping paper DD and I found on clearance last year. I thinned some tacky glue with water - WHICH, by the way, had a price sticker from Frank's Crafts which closed years and years ago, making this a very old bottle of glue. It was still fine. What a mess. I used my hands to mix the water and glue and then spread it all over the board. I talked to my Dad on the speakerphone while I did it.
Time to assemble the shelves. Very happy that the drill was charged.
Ta da! The hole is covered with pretty paper and the two shelves stacked together and fit in there nicely!
Sewing baskets, yarn, bills, Alex's school books, my laptop (there's a giant power strip attached so I'm going to keep things - camera, cell phone, ipod - charging on one of the shelves) and a bunch of other stuff, all done!
That was a good project but it took the day, between going out and finding the materials, putting it together, restocking it, and sorting through all the stuff that used to be stuffed in there.

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